Public Bathroom are safe, they are harmless, right? What damage can going to a public bathroom do to a person rather than offer place of comfort for people for every urge and call of nature that they have. You can relieve yourself, you can compose yourself. Today however, Public Bathrooms contain not only urinals and faucets. Some of them are equipped with spy cameras ready to catch people in their most comprising situation without their knowledge.

This girl on the picture is hot, she has got nice boobs, she even has a red underwear on, very sexy! But what on earth is her right hand doing? From a voyeur’s point of view, it can be said that she is wiping her ass. However, if you take a closer look at her face, you will see that she is smiling. Notice how her feet are positioned? Based on that, one can say that is doing more than wiping her ass. Yes! This girl is pleasuring herself without knowing that is caught on camera.

Masturbating is not a crime. Everybody does it, it’s a common as breathing but being caught on camera while masturbating in a public bathroom however is another thing. Unless you are some kind of an exhibitionist or something that being caught was also your intention. Girls, do me a favor, the next time you feel the urge, call me?

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Check out some hidden cameras and you will realize that there are a lot more closet lesbians than you realized! These two strangers both entered the ladies restroom of this fancy country club at the same time. It didn’t take them long to go from chatting to a quick pussy licking! Our real voyeur cams show how the ebony and white women lock the door and knowingly undress. The black girl gives the blond a tongue lashing while getting finger fucked. After, both women fix their hair and go back to their husbands.

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Voyeurs and perverts will have to appreciate this amazing photo I took the other day. I wasn’t even trying to find a sight to take a photo of, the situation presented itself. I went to my friend’s place and while we were chewing the fat over some cold beers I noticed that his wife was getting ready to go to the shower. I excused myself and followed her there and just as she was getting into the shower I captured this amazing photo. She has a fantastic voluptuous ass that I would love to fuck until I pass out. She is sure one steaming hot MILF and my friend is one lucky bastard for being able to bang this hot blonde every goddamn day. Well at least I have this amazing picture of her.

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Here is a active couple who could not wait for home time to dip into some steamy love making. So when they think they’re safe from curious eyes the sexy girl gets down on her knees to give her partner some head before she bends over the work bench to get that round butt of hers fucked from behind. We get to witness every second of it thanks to the vigilant eyes of the security camera.

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Picture this: You are in a hotel room either on a vacation or just to spend a single night. Since it has four corners, you automatically assume that it is safe, it is private, that you can do anything you want, just like in your room. Think again!

Technology has made the life of every peeping Tom easier. With numerous cameras available today that ranges from cell phones up to digital cameras. No one can certainly tell whether they are being spied or not.

Take this girl in the picture. Just when she thought that nobody’s watching her, she takes of her underwear without even closing the door. If she only knew that her bare ass would be all over the internet. It is a god thing that she has a very firm and round ass, sun burn is a plus though as we can see that this is has tan lines from her thong. This picture looks like she was putting something on or checking something down her pussy. It is too bad, that she was turning her back against the spy camera, a front view would be much better so that everyone will get to see what the hell is she doing with her pussy? But for now, voyeurs can just feast on this unsuspecting victim’s tight ass or better click here to watch more of this hot episode on Spy Archive.